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Our School Values



We believe in the development whole child and will endeavour to raise their self-esteem through affirmation and praise. It is our intention to create a secure, caring environment in which children are given equal opportunity to reach their full potential and where we provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation. To achieve this the school will:


· Create a learning environment which enables children to become self-confident, self-disciplined, independent and motivated.


· Promote caring attitudes in an atmosphere in which children will feel happy, secure and valued.


· Help children achieve their full potential based on the National Curriculum by adopting teaching and learning styles that are sufficiently differentiated to cater for individual needs.


· Teach children to be aware of their own actions, to take responsibility  for themselves and encourage independence.


· Provide an environment where children develop skills to able to work collaboratively with others, are sensitive to each other’s needs and have the confidence to form relationships.


· Develop a joy of learning and cultivate lively, enquiring minds.


· Provide an education of the highest quality within the context of a Christian belief. Pupils are encouraged to respond to the Christian faith in such a way that it helps in their spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage, time is spent learning to co-operate and work together. This

continues through the whole school, learning through play activities, a variety of groupings and by

observing the way that staff work together.


Each class agrees its own expectations (class code of conduct) and these are displayed in each

classroom.  We teach children to be aware of their own actions, take responsibility for themselves and encourage independence. We understand that children need help in managing their emotions, so children are helped to identify their feelings and think these through.  This helps them to explain their feelings rather than express them through unacceptable behaviour.


We also value the family that the children come from and our ‘open door’ policy to parents encourages the child to see that we are working in co-operation with their parents. We strongly value home-school links.

Our Vision and Values