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Welcome to the Kingfishers Class Page


This page contains information about what the Kingfishers Class will be learning this Autumn term.


This term, our PE sessions will continue to be on Thursday and Fridays. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times, including trainers or daps. Our PE kit consists of royal blue shorts, a yellow t-shirt, trainers or daps.


Spellings will be given weekly, on Tuesdays, and will be tested on the following Monday. There will be a short task for your child to complete involving their spellings or the spelling patterns/rules we are focusing on. This will need to be handed in on Monday mornings. Your child will also be encouraged to try to learn the ‘Password Pair’ which are high frequency words, taken from the list of 100 words that the children are expected to learn in Years 3 and 4 under the current National Curriculum.  In addition, there will also be a Maths Activity to complete, which will be based around work that we have been doing in class. Please use your child’s Home Learning Book to comment on these tasks if needed. It is particularly useful to know if the task required a lot of support from home.


Your child will have one core task to complete this term. This will be given out before the half term holidays and is due to be handed in on Monday 2nd November This task is sent out early in the term to ensure all the children complete their tasks on time. A class session is set aside for the sharing of this work. There are also optional activities that your child may like to try.



Please support your child's reading by hearing them at home. Your child may not read every day in class, so please encourage your child to be responsible for changing their own book when they finish one. Books to be changed can be placed in the box in the classroom at any time. When your child has read at home, a brief note in your child's reading log is greatly appreciated and also feel free to note any other texts your child may read as it is useful to know the range of texts your child engages with aside from school reading books.



The children will be reading, analysing and experimenting with writing the following texts:

  • Poetry - The Magic Box

  • The Twits

  • Romulus and Remus


Our spelling, grammar and punctuation focus will be:

  • using a range of suffixes
  • using apostrophes for possession
  • understanding correct terms for different word classes
  • joining sentences with a range of conjunction


The children will be encouraged to use a fluent, cursive handwriting script.


Author of the Term: Roald Dahl


Poet of the Term: Kit Wright



The children will be covering the following areas during the term:

  • Place value
  • Rounding numbers
  • Roman numerals
  • Money
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division



The children will be looking at:

  • Forces and Magnets

The children will learn about forces to make objects move. They will learn about magnets
and how they attract and repel.



  • Teeth and Digestion

The children will learn about food groups and balanced diets. They will learn about the digestive system
and find out about the purpose of different teeth and tooth decay.



The children will be learning about what it was like in Roman Britain. They will cover the following key areas:

  • timeline of the first invasions
  • Roman roads
  • Boudicca's rebellion
  • Roman gods and goddess
  • Buildings - Villas, Roman Baths
  • Daily life and culture

Key question: What did the Romans do for us?



The children will be inspired by Roman art:

  • Mosaics
  • Clay pots
  • Celtic patterns
  • Roman shields




The children will be learning about French Culture and France through the following themes:

  • simple greetings
  • number and instructions


Physical Development

The children will be involved in:

  • Multi skills - games activities

  • Yoga


Religious Education

The children will be exploring a unit of work on:

How do Hindus celebrate Diwali?


Christian Values : Care and Respect


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be covering:

  • Being Me in My World

    The children will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in four key areas: empathy, self awareness, social skills and motivation.

  • Celebrating Differences

    The children will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in three key aspects of learning: empathy, managing feelings and social skills.



The children will be exploring rhythmic patterns and exploring arrangements.


Core Task


Roman Scroll with Five Fascinating Facts


The Ancient Romans wrote on scrolls.  The scrolls were made of papyrus.  Make a scroll of papyrus using white or cream sugar paper.  Make the paper look old by tearing the edges and painting with light brown paint or cold tea. Find out five fascinating facts about the Romans and write them on the scroll.  Roll up the scroll and tie with a ribbon.


For ideas on how to make a scroll:


Due on Tuesday 3rd November 2020.




Other activities you could do at home.


  • Look at pictures of Roman shields using history books or the internet and sketch some ideas of shields.
  • Have a look at the school website!
  • Create your own mosaic.
  • Draw / paint a picture of something from Roman times (banquet, chariot, villa) and write a sentence to go with it.
  • Create a maths worksheet for Roman children, using Roman numerals in your calculations
  • Design a job advert for someone to work as a servant in a Roman villa.
  • Find a Roman recipe.  Create this recipe and take a photo to show your creation.

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