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Welcome to Infants!

The children will be learning the following this term:


The children will be reading, analysing and experimenting with writing using the following themes:

  • Poetry - senses and skeletons

  • Fiction - repeated language

  • Captions and speak bubbles


We will be focussing on the following poems and books to help us with this:

  • Funny Bones

  • The Magic Porridge Pot


The children will be covering the following areas during the term:

  • Place Value

  • Additional Subtraction

  • Geometry - Shape

  • Multiplication and Division - year 2



Key Question:

What do we need to be healthy?


The children will be looking at:

  • Identifying and naming parts of the body

  • The senses

  • Healthy lifestyles

  • Basic needs

  • Lifecycles and body changes


Blood and Bones


The children will be exploring a unit of work on:

  • Where do we belong?

  • How should we live out lives?


The children will be learning about:

  • Exploring sounds


With a focus on:

  • Dem Bones

  • Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

  • Nobody Loves Me


DT and ART

The children will colour mix with Autumn colours and create a clay self portrait.



The children will be covering:

  • New Beginnings

  • Getting On and Falling Out



The children will be involved in:

  • Multi Skills games activities

  • Dance



Key theme: Seasonal Changes


The children will have the opportunity to explore seasonal changes through a mixture of art, craft and science activities.



The children will be developing their skills through:

  • E-Safety

  • Programming

  • Data Handling

Core Task
The year 1 and 2 children are required to do one Core Task for each term and need to give it in to the class teacher on the specified day. The suggested tasks are for the children to do at any time during the half term and are intended to support, broaden and extend their learning of our class topic.


Year 1 and 2 children are required to hand in their core task on Wednesday 1st November 2017.


This task is sent out early in the term to ensure all the children complete their tasks on time. A class session is set aside for the sharing of this work. There are also optional activities that your children may like to try. They can be found below.


This term we are focusing on ‘Blood and Bones'. We will be reading stories and poems Janet and Allan Ahlberg and the traditional tale 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. Please could the children design and make a simple skeleton. This could be a picture, painting, model or puppet.


The following websites have some good ideas:


These will be shared during the first week back after half term and will form part of a display in the classroom.


These suggested tasks are activities the children could do at home at any time in addition to their core task, and are intended to support, broaden and extend their learning of our class topic.


  • Write a list of your pet's basic needs

  • Look at a picture of yourself as a baby. How have you changed?

  • Write a recipe for a healthy smoothie


Look at these websites:


The Infant Class has Rainbow Targets each term for Writing and Maths which are focused on developing a different aspect of the subject. The targets are organised from red (easiest) to violet with each colour of the rainbow identifying the next step in learning for a skill, and therefore ensures all ability levels in the class can move their learning forward.  Your child is not given a particular colour to aim for, but is encouraged to extend their own learning by challenging how high they can reach.


Year Group Time per week Literacy Maths Topic
1 hour per week
Phonic sounds/CVC Flicker Books/Reading Books/ Red Words    
Year 1 Spellings
  Core Task-
one per term
Year 2 Spellings
Maths Core Task-
one per term
Year 3  
1.5 hours per week
Spellings with a task
Written Maths Task Core Task-
one per term
Year 4 Spellings with a task
Written Maths Task Core Task-
one per term

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